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03 November 2016
Moscow Defense Brief # 5, 2016 is released

30 August 2016
# 4'2016 issue (July-August) of Eksport Vooruzheniy Journal is released

29 August 2016
Moscow Defense Brief # 4, 2016 is released

22 July 2016
# 3'2016 issue (May-June) of Eksport Vooruzheniy Journal is released

01 July 2016
Moscow Defense Brief # 3, 2016 is released

12 May 2016
# 2'2016 issue (March - April) of Eksport Vooruzheniy Journal is released

29 April 2016
Moscow Defense Brief # 2, 2016 is released

17 March 2016
Moscow Defense Brief # 1, 2016 is released

14 March 2016
# 1'2016 issue (January-February) of Eksport Vooruzheniy Journal is released

02 February 2016
# 6'2015 issue (November-December) of Eksport Vooruzheniy Journal is released

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31 August 2016
Russia's Sukhoi Super 30: The Outlook for Indias Ultra-Advanced Flanker Upgrade
Indications in recent months suggest that the upgrade program for Indias fleet ofSu-30MKI fighters is finally gathering pace. The Indian Air Force (IAF) has so far placed orders for 272 aircraft, of which 50 were delivered by Russia in 2002-2004 and 2007. Another 222 are to be supplied by the HAL Corporation; production under Russian license began at HALs Indian facilities in 2004. So far, more than 200 planes have already been delivered, and the Su-30MKI is the most numerous of the multirole fighters currently in service with the IAF.
26 August 2016
Russia's Best Military Aircraft: Not Armed with the Best Aircraft-Killer Missiles
While Russia has deployed advanced warplanes to Syria including the Sukhoi Su-30SM, Su-34 and Su-35S, those jets are seldom seen carrying Moscows latest air-to-air weapons. More often than not, the Su-30SM Flanker-H and Su-34 Fullback are spotted armed with Soviet-era R-27 semi-active radar and infrared-guided medium range air-to-air missiles. It is only on occasion that Su-35S Flanker-E fighters are spotted with active-radar guided R-77 RVV-SD missileswhich are roughly the equivalent of the American-made Raytheon AIM-120 AMRAAM.
23 July 2016
Russia seen putting new nuclear-capable missiles along NATO border by 2019
Russia is likely to deploy advanced nuclear-capable missiles in its European exclave of Kaliningrad by 2019, casting the move as a reply to a U.S.-backed missile shield, and may one day put them in Crimea too, sources close to its military predict.
16 March 2016
Russia flies out almost half Syria strike force: Reuters analysis
14 February 2016
Book Review: 'Brothers Armed: Military Aspects of the Crisis in Ukraine'
26 January 2016
Is Russia's Military Really Punching Above Its Weight?
13 December 2015
Commentary: Russia Must Walk a Fine Line With West Amid Crises in Ukraine, Syria
09 October 2015
Why Russia Needs an Exit Strategy in Syria
A Russia defense expert analyzes the Syria conflict
09 August 2015
Analyst: Russian Industry Faces Challenges Unique to Putins Russia
An interview with Ruslan Pukhov, Director of CAST
27 May 2015
Nothing Hybrid About Russias War in Ukraine
Russia's actions in Crimea and eastern Ukraine over the past year gave rise in the West to a widespread theory about some kind of "hybrid war," an innovative form of military intervention that Moscow created specifically for this crisis. However, upon closer inspection, the term hybrid war is more a propaganda tool than hard fact and any attempt to fully define it strips the idea of any novelty.
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